I write blogs that people look forward to reading, helping you to build awareness of your brand and encourage interaction and dialogue with potential customers.

I have an adaptable writing style honed over a decade of working as a freelance journalist and copywriter. My journalist’s eye is a big help when it comes to writing effective blogs. I can seek out new stories, or new angles to existing ones. And I can then write about them in a way which balances a conversational and humorous tone with often detailed information.

Please contact me to discuss how I can help your blog become a must read.

Below is a small selection of the blogs I have written, which hopefully gives an idea of how I could help your firm communicate better with your audience.

If you don’t find a blog which fits your business’s industry, do not worry. I am not a structural engineer or tech entrepreneur either, but my diligent research allows me to do convincing impressions of pretty much anyone!

I also have my own blog, in which I write about freelancing, copywriting and anything that vexes me (usually football). I have snappily titled it ‘My Blog’.

SER Ltd Blog Series

2020-04-20T17:23:03+01:00March 6th, 2020|Blogs|

A series of structural engineering-related blogs for SER Ltd. in which I had to balance the tone between highly technical and accessible.

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