The background

I was particularly keen to do a good job for Mark at Wise Tribes. In 2016 I suffered the sudden loss of my dad (I wrote about my experience for the i Paper here). I remember the pain of grief. But I also recall the sense of panic at the sheer amount of admin required following the death of a loved one. And I felt utterly unprepared for either.

I was determined to write pieces which might help make someone’s experience a little easier. Or better still, to help them prepare before the worst had actually happened.

Mark’s communication was really helpful. He provided plenty of information relating to the site’s tone of voice, as well as rough titles for each of the pieces. I soon realised that I was in effect the audience for these articles. I have already lost one parent, and find myself living too far from the other. Because of this, the tone of voice came naturally.

I am really pleased with the finished articles. I feel that they disseminate complex and potentially upsetting information in a considered way, and I truly hope they have been of use to anyone that has read them:

A smart home for your parents, for their benefit…and yours!

Essential documents you need to know about

Are we really prepared for ‘when the worst happens’?

Olly was prompt and proactive throughout the research and writing of his WiseTribes pieces. Given the quality of his work we would not hesitate to use him again or recommend him to others.

Mark, founder Wise Tribes

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