The background

Structural Engineers Registration Ltd is a certification scheme for structural engineers in Scotland. In 2017  I proposed a revamp of SER’s communication strategy. My aim was to increase the scheme’s accessibility, and to disseminate important information more efficiently.

SER’s membership is comprised of both chartered engineers and office staff. I suggested a series of blogs providing detailed scheme information but written in an informal tone which made them equally useful to both engineers and office staff.

Between late 2017 and early 2019 I wrote regularly on a wide range of scheme-related topics. The blogs were aimed at scheme members, and often sought to gently nudge the reader towards adopting best practice.

The results

The blogs were extremely successful, and SER regularly received praise from scheme members. The feedback we received focused on the blogs proving useful for everyone in the office. This was particularly gratifying given this was my primary aim when pitching the blog series!

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