The background

I’ve worked with Nokia on a range of projects. I’m most proud of the Boundary Breakers series, as it showcases my full range of skills from initial concept to delivering effective short and long-form content.

I was tasked with developing a coherent, consistent structure for a series of features on pioneering business leaders. After this was approved, I  wrote the first piece in the series, as well as the video scripts and social posts to accompany it.

The results

Here is the finished piece:

The turnaround king – Rodrigo Abreu

Nokia – and Rodrigo – were so happy with the article (and associated assets) that I was asked to retrofit an existing feature into the new structure:

The game changer – Sami Komulainen

I’ve subsequently worked on articles ( brought in at various stages, sometimes to write the initial brief and interview questions as well as the final piece) on a number of other risk takers, rule breakers and disrupters:

The natural born leader – Tami Erwin

The master collaborator – Vikram Sinha

The creative pathfinder – Pinar Kose Kolacz

I’m available for all types of writing work, wherever you are in the world. You can view examples of my copywriting and features, and you can also find out more about me here and on the homepage. Want to cut to the chase? You can contact me here or at the bottom of this page. I can also be found lurking on Twitter and LinkedIn.