The background

My first ever global agency client. Way back in 2020 I was asked by TMW Business to craft a series of thought leadership pieces for Fujitsu. This was in the middle of the COVID-craziness, where businesses across the world had to pivot to remote working overnight, and then work out how to do it safely and efficiently.

The results

Since these initial pieces, I’ve written rafts of different content for Fujitsu, from ebooks and infographics to podcast scripts.

Oh, and I’m still an agency freelancer several years later, so it must have gone ok…

I’m available for all types of writing work, wherever you are in the world. You can view examples of my copywriting and features, and you can also find out more about me here and on the homepage. Want to cut to the chase? You can contact me here or at the bottom of this page. I can also be found lurking on Twitter and LinkedIn.