The background

Scott approached me with a very specific brief in mind. What he doesn’t know about Pinterest really isn’t worth knowing. Scott runs courses explaining how to use the platform as an efficient way of growing your business. He already had an outline for his new Pinterest marketing course, but asked me to take a look and suggest any ways I thought it could be improved. Scott’s tone is affable, informal and approachable, and it was crucial that any additions or changes I made sounded like Scott.

Of course, as a copywriter I am used to writing in a variety of different tones of voice. But it was an interesting and rewarding challenge to write in Scott’s individual voice.

Scott was more than happy with the results, and I am certain that his course will prove to be a huge success (I certainly learned plenty about Pinterest while reading through his slides!).

You need Olly on your Power Team. He did a great job putting together a comprehensive step-by-step guide for me. I’d describe him as clear, transparent, swift, and efficient. I’m delighted to have found Olly and look forward to working with him again.

Scott Lumsden, founder Hey Scottey

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