As the dust settles on an underwhelming January transfer window, several million fantasy league players will have embraced the spirit of blind panic displayed by many a real-life manager.

The transfer wildcard system allows fans to emulate their favourite bosses by ripping up their teams and starting again. Harry Redknapp would be proud of those who replaced every single player in a ten-minute burst, while Kenny Dalglish would certainly empathise with anyone who brought in Andy Carroll at great expense because he scored that bicycle kick.

You’ll undoubtedly have shared some top banter with people in the office about it. You’ll have laughed at Colin in Finance being below you in the table despite how seriously he takes the whole thing, and you’ll have rolled your eyes as others claim not to have checked their team since September.

It’s all clean, harmless fun – just a bit of a laugh, right? Wrong. Fantasy football is complete and utter bullshit.

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