Life as a freelance writer

Here are some of the valuable life lessons I have learned during my 6 months of freelancing:

Twinings make the best tea bags

I’ve long accepted that I can’t actually tell the difference between the vast majority of lagers; I just pretend to when it comes up in conversation. Similarly, unless it is those absolutely woeful Lipton ones you get when on holiday, I think almost all tea tastes the same. But I think it’s the law that I need to include a reference to making a lot of tea when writing about freelance life, so I’ll just go with the tea bags I currently have in the cupboard. Go Twinings!

Do not buy a home blood pressure tester on a whim

Lots of time at home on your own can lead to some bizarre thoughts and some unwise decisions. If, for example, you have a proven track record of worrying about your health to the extent you convince yourself you are in a near constant state of being close to death, ordering a home blood pressure tester that allows you to waste entire afternoons worrying yourself further is not advisable.

And if you do buy a home blood pressure tester on a whim, put the cuff on your upper arm

Because if you read the instructions wrong and attach it to your lower arm, the readings are not going to do anything to reassure your worries; particularly if you fail to realise your error for around a week.

Mice are well cute

They are. Particularly baby ones. It is indisputable.

Mice in your kitchen/office are less cute

Little gits. And no, that noise you heard was not me screaming and getting into bed to work for the rest of the day, it just sounded quite a lot like it.

I now know ALL the settings on my washing machine

Yep, no more 40 degree standard cycle no matter what you are washing for me. Nope. My commitment to procrastination is such that I have studied every word of our machine’s instructions, and know the right cycle for every individual item of clothing.

But that doesn’t mean I won’t shrink your clothes

Because knowing all the cycles doesn’t somehow mitigate against crippling stupidity, as my wife’s favourite jumper found out all too clearly.

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